Bartosz Bereszyński off Sampdoria, but were defender Legia Warsaw

Bartosz Bereszyński off Sampdoria, only made defender Legia Warsaw is not wonderful remembered contest with Roma (0-4) in the 1/8 final of Cup of Italy. The pole was accepted any among the dark players on the playing field.
40 days ago came sporting in the composition of Legia in the Champions League. Now El sharaawy I him about dizziness in face, – writes La Repubblica, and confirmed Pole rating 5. This Italian Eurosport gave the Pole a 5.5 “showed that holds knowledge technical, but overshadows this goal El-sharaawy Potter.” The pole made him full error and also given itself to push the opponent. last when the fourth shot completely forgiven opacity Perottiego, which live golu Radji Nainggolana.

Bereszyński received a score of 4.5 from fanowskiego portal worst of all players. – Strict evaluation, true. Difficult rivals. But we are about player what not very than month back to work in the Champions League where believed deep opponents than Stephan El sharaawy if Diego Perotti. Mix at least light forms. Coach Marco Giampaolo rights when says, is, that Bereszyński have continually a little to work.

Tuttomercatoweb gave the Pole 5. – A difficult debut in Sampdoria. flooding were a bit whole content but then been private via El sharaawy ego and first of all Perottiego. Made a mistake on the third golu.

In Sampdoria also played Karol Linetty, what acquired just slightly higher assessments from Bereszyńskiego. Most of the media said that were player Leh Experience was is unknown. Wojciech szczesny fell on the bench spare in the Cup of Italy the head coach of Roma gives his play zmiennikowi Alissonowi.