Gravity Longboards

As one of the best and most trusted brands in the longboards industry, Gravity Longboards is known for creating and designing America’s top longboards. Whatever type of longboard cruising you have in mind, Gravity Longboards has a long line of various longboard shapes, sizes and components to get you started surfing on the road longboard surfboard.

Below are the types of longboards Gravity Longboards has produced over almost 15 years as America’s top board manufacturers.

Cruisers. Comfort and smooth ride is one of best assets of Gravity cruisers. If you’re a person who is not really found of extreme riding and is just into the sport for the sheer bliss of a peaceful and stimulating board ride, then these boards will be perfect for you. Also, Gravity’s cruisers are not heavy, thus easy to stash and store.

Carvers. Carvers are a bit bigger than the cruisers but they are used in almost the same way. Gravity has been known for their dedication to produce longboards with fantastic level of stability and this characteristic is particularly boosted with their carvers.

Downhill Longboards. As one of the top producers of the best downhill and sliding longboards, Gravity Longboards is great for mild to intense sliding and downhill tricks. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why Gravity has become a well-known brand of American longboards. Needless to say, their downhill boards are the best in the market!

Slalom. If you enjoy downhill rides but are quite lacking in control, Slalom boards may suit you best. Gravity’s series of Slalom boards are known to possess excellent control. Although if you are not into short boards, this may come as unsuitable. Slalom boards are just slightly bigger than mini boards and they’re not appropriate for extremely fast downhill rides.

Transition Boards. Grinds on coping and kicturns? Gravity’s transition boards may be good for you. Since they are particularly made with smaller wheel base, tricks are a lot easier and faster to do. Aside from that, they are light and easily carried to school or when doing grocery nearby. They’re like a combination of cruisers, pool boards and transition boards. They’re very comfortable and very sturdy for everyday usage.

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