Great Daddy! At the Prague Pole he created a new Czech record by 583 cm

Jan Kudlicka is the new Czech record player in the stick leap. At the meeting, the Prague Stick at the Bridge on Wenceslas Square was over 583 centimeters and one year passed the best performance of Michal Balner.Twenty-eighty-year-old Kudlička has ranked third in this year’s world tables, which is shared by world record maker Renaud Lavillene from France.

“Finally, it was time,” said Kudlicka, who has tried many times in his career And his jumps over record heights could be counted in tens. “It was a very challenging race, because I was here at half past five and I did not have much power at the end,” he pointed out that it was almost five hours in the sector to try the record. > But at record height, all the jumps were good. “The first one kicked me when I felt I had just dropped it.I knew that if I did the jump, I would jump, “Kudlicka said.

Now he wants to stabilize his performance so he can defend the Zurich bronze at the European Championship in Amsterdam. “But it will not play in Amsterdam. “Norg Greibrokk, Eirik Dolve (566 cm), finished third in Balner (555). At the ME won Lukáš Posekaný, who won the nomination criterion of 555 cm.

The women’s competition dominated the performance of 450 cm by Jiřina Ptáčníková The Czech record holder won for the fourth time in the history of the meeting, jumping because of her sore thigh muscle from a short start.She confirmed she had a good shape this year.

Still on Tuesday at lunch, Ptáčníková did not know if she would jump because it had been hurting her back muscle for several days. Due to health ailment, she lost to Rebek Šilhán at the weekend Czech Championship in Tábor. But in the evening before the race in Prague, she decided to try to jump from a short start, even if they were deterred by the trainers.

“I promised them that I would keep warm so it did not get wet, Warm ointment and awful sweat, “said Ptáčníková, wiping her throat. In the race, she also passed all the steps from four meters in order not to cool off. “I had a beautiful train.Even in the evening, I’m going to fall dead, but my legs hold, though I felt a little under my knee. Honza (a friend of Kudlicka) has massaged me and made me bruise, “she added with laughter.

The coaches eventually let her race and now they can rejoice because it is assumed that Ptáčníková will jump from sixteen steps Instead of today’s twelve, she gets higher, and her second 460 cm was promising.

“I have terrible reserves of long start when I’m able to jump 450 here from a short of softer bars with a lower grip,

Men : 1. Kudlička (CZ) 583 – Czech record, 2. Greibrokk (Nor.) 566, 3. Balner

Women : 1. Ptáčníková (CZ) 450, 2.Ledakiová (Greece) 427, 3rd Smets (Belgium) 427.