Halak great catches and fights well on new contract

All this while Saves 92.5 percent. Washington is also thanks to him still beats the procedure seven meetings before the end of the body loses the eighth Columbus one point, Blue Jackets, however, have a game in hand.

year-old Halak almost immediately after arriving in the US capital pushed down as goaltender Braden Holtbyho units and became the mainstay of the team. Still, it is uncertain whether it will be a part of it again next year. Try the market with free agents

The participant last two Olympics, which expires after the season, a contract for the portal csnwashington.com admitted that over his future has not really thought about.He also revealed that the leadership Capitals still did not deal on a new contract and intends summer to test the market for free agents.

“It’s the first time in my career, which I will have that possibility. But not everyone looks for a new goalkeeper,” said Halak. Excluded at this time is not his continuance in Washington, it will depend on its form and financial possibilities of the club.

I do Halak focus in particular to the remaining duels base part Capitals helped carve points needed to advance to vyraďovačky.Players missing from Washington in six playoff seasons in a row and would like the cord stretched.

“Have we not much matches. The teams are small differences, and we need every point,” he said Slovak representative, who is in Washington must deal also with the higher number of shots aimed at his goal as was the his previous realm.

Capitals this season facing an average of 33.6 per match an opponent. “Surely I am more trapped. St. Louis guys all the time selflessly blocked the shot, the more teammates try to clean my view. I see better buds.But it is still on me to stop them. “

In contrast to the action in St. Louis in Washington he is required more often work with a stick and a quality field. The team should work something like a third defenseman .

defenseman Mike Green appreciates especially Haláková ability to communicate with teammates on the ice. “He’s trying to talk to us often and let us know what is happening behind our backs when we face the attack of the opponent.I know that the new player is not easy to fit into the new collective, but he far fared amazingly well in terms of performance, both in terms of his commitment to the team, “he Halak Green.

Slovaks competitor Holtby indeed substituting better matches with weaker, chief coach of Washington, Adam Oates, however, will be at the end of the base part are more likely to rotate his goalkeepers to avert Haláková excessive workload.

“I’m sure the coach will decide the goalie match from match. Whether I catch myself, and Holtby, the plan has not changed – we want every fight to get two points, “said Halak.Ovechkin is scoring goals only Power Play Goals

The shooting goals is contrary to Washington Alexander Ovečkin. Rus although with 48 goals far the top scorer of this year’s NHL hockey, but in a balanced number of players on the ice, can not really enforce.

Forward Washington in March to fifteen matches did not receive even one Canadian point in such situations Capitals on the ice with him even neskórovali and conceded only 14 times.

Sticking to 28-year-old winger is power play in which this season scored 22 goals and added 14 assists.Russian is by far most diligent scorer in the competition, the goalkeeper endangered in 71 matches already 366 times.

The second in the statistics Patrick Sharp of the Chicago played even four duels more than Ovechkin, but they went up by 72 less shots than he.

The Moscow native, however, is at the opposite end of another, much more substantially indicator – the statistics plus / minus is the minus 34 points in last place among all 858 hockey players in the competition.

The statistics are in equilibrium counts each skater who is on the ice at the moment when a goal is scored.The power play is when a player nasty blow not count plus points, but “give” minuska if at that time collected.

Conversely, if favored team shorthanded goals, in that moment, every player on the rink has a plus point. Statistics do not change when you could see that the penalty shot or shootout.