However had the talented striker

Did not expect? Not real, and not Barca, Dortmund, Juventus and “The range.” And let in particular, a strong have rivals-Petersburg Association was not, but 25 themselves in 6 matches – perfects for close of the championship. Now time reconstruction blue-white-blue make such a successful deeds, and in a second the middle of season sum the latest possibly to increase.

Most of course player: Edin Dzeko

however considered a talented striker, but change it with the prefix “top”, none of the language replace is not included. Edin very well can choose feature a blow, cutting also practice more bad. Dzeko commits a 5.8 hits per game but in 5 matches, having the result of possibilities have scored only 4 goals.

Most carefully : Nicolas 

the current the theme still you can to face anyone new players. Nicolas – the Central defender of Lyon. Then has characteristic process connected of same that the Frenchman in thoughts game short . Of the 55 gear operates only 2 cross. But to objects statistical reports, accuracy was 94.9%.

Most defending player: Petros Matheus

this season ‘ Golo kanté gave the post translators the player in the world. Now “Chelsea” at present used the ball and because the assessments and spot to do is at time. But appeared other person. Midfielder “” Petros in September made an average of 5.3 identification and 3 steals in match,, which has a best the key in Europe.

Giuliano makes that has much gear

And just as well likewise representative “Zenith” in document of “most”. Super team player Giuliano shows that there are fate to convey not only your partner, but also intelligent the transfer section. basic month made 5,4 penetrating applications to match (if there are somewhere around sąsiedztwu the stratosphere, especially take under the attention level our championship), 7 of the them lay is in effect.

Most strokes thing: traoré

the stage blossomed. Andre Schubert I found significantly similar to the volume and the latest opened to do very efficient. Traoré perfectly supplements fight – Gladbach, thank you our speed and efficiency. Leaving in close opening he’s a winger develops 4.5 strokes for art.

Most of movements of the game: 

This year, “Dortmund start to go more more than as well as a very of the property of the ball. To to start out the attack you need good Central defenders. And then “bumblebees”. Central average of 92.6 per gear per bonnet and the present factor of the curve.

a Lot on the first thing Willian

Volume Chelsea has a should not be underestimated. What’s in of history that in this time he has a soldier, what sells difference. The Brazilian is taught to rotate the stroke of translation from edge end. In September intended their 3.7 for entertainment additionally is a all of the place development.

Powerful Central “Angers” riding in competition not have yourself its. With simple development 192 cm often creates and wins battle. as well as home, and also in unknown kick, and in the material field wins 8.9 struggle for the game.#####