Kreuziger without packaging: I did not have legs, I was one of the worst in the group

DIRECT FROM FRANCE The late 19th stage of the Tour de France was interwoven with a number of crashes, serious injuries (Tom Dumoulin apparently will come to fight for Olympic gold in Rio) and abrasions. Roman Kreuziger did not feel the ground, but he had no reason to smile at the finish. In the fight of men in the forefront of the running order again lagged, the pace to the final hill was too big for him. At the 10th place it loses over the last Saturday chance over two minutes.

Has the rain played a big part?
“It was raining when the HC category premium started dropping. It was so slippery, but fortunately we have good material, so it was not a big deal. But today it was not all day, there is no excuse.I did not have my legs and that’s why it turned out. “

Once again, you stayed best with the last climb, then backed away…
The last hill, I raced to the bottom and in the next stretch I was not able to go at all. It is known that we are at the end of the Tour and the power is also coming. Today I paid a little for the performance of the Thursday trial. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst of the twelve that we’ve been there.So you did. “

Have you ever wondered where you would be near the fall?
” No,

Did you see how it falls around you?
“I saw it. (But he smiles bitterly) But when someone tells the radio that the whole road is described from time to time, they say in the radio that it’s slipped and people start going there, so it shows what intelligence is in the group. “

Did you think it was more like it?

Will you repeat the Wednesday scenario, you will rest in the hill below the goal and get back into it again?
“Being a fairly fast hill I knew it would be a lot of complicated.Of course I was trying to tape but today my legs were completely empty. Now you need to play and see tomorrow what Astana will make on Saturday, because if it was possible to jump into a big leak, it would be an ideal option. I’ll see you. “

Do you believe that the package will drop you into the leak?
” I have the Froom manager ten minutes (exactly 9:45 minutes) They would not have to worry about it.I’m not sure I’m a problem for them. “

Maybe for Katyusu, whose eleven Rodríguez is going.
” But I do not believe they would pull the pace. ” >

Are you already thinking about Saturday’s decision that you might be trying to attack the front result in the stage?
“I do not know if it should be, but still There is a chance to jump to maybe ten. Even though I do not know how far I am. (2:03 minutes) We’ll see tomorrow morning. “

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