Schmiedlová to the finals in Bucharest and the Slovak unit

Bucharest. Slovak tennis player Anna Karolína Schmiedlová the third time in his career fought its way to the singles final at the WTA tournament on Monday and the first national unit.

In the semifinals as a deployed seven consulted Polooou Slovenian Hercog in straight sets 6: 4, 6: 3rd Sunday will have a chance to win a second title on the WTA Tour, the premiere enjoyed in April to Hardy in Polish Katowice.

I will surplice top seeded Sara Erraniová Italian woman with whom in February, losing in the finals on clay in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.The new unit

Schmiedlová on Monday will replace the post of Slovak Magdalena Rybarikova units, which became the highest-ranking Ranking Slovak woman only nearly a week after the struggle at Wimbledon.

In the Romanian capital has had some premium 21,400 US dollars before tax and 180 points in WTA world rankings.

Schmiedlovd started duel against Hercogová nervous, print Unforced errors and the loss of two administration was losing 1: 4th

In the following minutes, but he began to show an aggressive game, dominated in long rallies from the baseline and thanks profit of five games in a row won the first set 6: 4th

In the second act after a counterattack in the fourth geme rebounded on aug 4: 1 match already to a successful conclusion.

the score 5: 3 converted in the actual service in the order of a second match point, adjusting the mutual balance of the Hercogoovu 2: 0, in March, he climbed smoothly in two sets of hard Miami.

Schmiedlová had of advancing to the next round great joy.Feels improve

“It was not an easy match, at the beginning I was losing 1: 4. Hercogová played yet another tennis as my previous grueling in Bucharest, such antukovejší, a bit of a heaving. I gradually came to the right the pace and fought it. in the important moments I played well. I am very satisfied with the way in Bucharest games, there is a feel improvement, “she told TASR Zverenky coach Milan Martinec who are still not aware that on Monday, the first Slovak unit.

“I still do not believe it, I have to first see. I’ve been close in the spring, but I missed two points.”

In the final against Errani there is a similar duel as in Rio.

“It will probably be similar. Again we play clay, only in Bucharest is not that warm as in Rio, there was the extreme. I learned a bit from the final match in Brazil and I will try to change things, the coach will certainly advise me. I really enjoy the duel. Errani is an excellent player who does not have a single ball for free. The progress to the finals is a great result, but I will try to get the best performance and pay off for the Rio. “