SSC Neapol – Turín FC

Granai ceased to flourish and after two defeats in a row team coach Mihajlovic dropping the table. On Sunday afternoon, the attempt to re-start the engines, although it will be very challenging opponent. It is going under Mount Vesuvius, where no opponent plays very easily.

Naples San Paolo stadium is ready to welcome the Turin FC hoping for three points. Pets have similar motives few prospects. In addition to the traditionally spectacular atmosphere under Mount Vesuvius, where the points are not physically carry such form on their side. Naples survived unpleasant passage full of disappointment in November and the beginning of the last month of the calendar year, he won all three duels. Abraham planted three goals Inter Milan, then in the Champions League consulted with Benfica and last round it up well managed.

In it, Naples, Sardinia Cagliari expected, which can be very dangerous. From Vesuvius, however, came in the form of destruction of five wickets! Network Cagliari gradually burdened Mertens, Hamšík and Zielinski, while the former, he scored just three goals! Partenopea on one hand namlsali their fans, but above all, they managed to jump to fourth place and get it under pressure AC Milan and AS Roma. Except for the years 2008 and 2009 also maintains a good balance against Torino.

Due to progress in the Champions League awaits Naples squad in the January deadline leaping many a change, which he thinks, for example, journalist Niccolo Ceccarini working for Mediaset. “A lot of people say that Lorenzo Tonelli has to Naples, and that he would leave. The actual player but in Naples very happy and knows he must quickly learn. Naples as it paid a large sum, so it counts. Personally, I think Tonelli still show what he can do. President De Laurentiis, although he said he was looking for a striker, but if the slightest chance comes more extreme defenders, “says Ceccarini.

Turin will also look for reinforcements because they would like to see Europe. And after a good start he is a bit stronger. The blame is on one side of the many wounded who restrict and complicate the choice of coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. On the other hand the associated width cadre and primarily attack insufficient amount capable alternatives. Turin is, unlike in Naples in November flourished, while this month’s just disappointing for him. In two duels always Granata had lost all points.

In Turin derby, which was on the agenda at the last round, they led the Bulls thanks Belottiho. Juventus but also has its shooters and Gonzalo Higuaín was the luckier. He scored two goals and had a hand in the third goal and Miralema Pjanic so dominated the Turin Juventus. Turin and Naples suffer long-term injuries. On the side of the hosts are Vives, Obi and Molinaro, while Partenopeo on home desktop rush still without Milika with Koulibalym.

Granata has at its center a single player who returns to Naples as an old acquaintance. He is an experienced midfielder Mirko Valdifiori that under Mount Vesuvius failed to fulfill their potential. It is, but he succeeded in Turin, which is aware of the player’s agent Mario Giuffredi: “Mirko, after hard work in Turin returned to his best form and help the team. Vyzrál and is an indispensable player in Turin. In Naples, it will be for the entire Turin very challenging game because they will play two very strong teams in good form. but Mirko is ready to help the team and I am sure that prove their worth, “he adds agent experienced midfielder.