How to Give a Full Body Massage

Full body massages have the potential to completely rid a body of toxins and stresses of everyday life. Truly, laying down for a massage after a long week of work or a particularly stressful period of time is the ultimate release. How nice would it be if you and your partner knew how to give each other full body massages? Not only will it possibly improve your relationship with one another, but you wouldn’t have to pay someone a bunch of money to help you relax. Here’s how to start giving better massages with full body massage near me.

Start with the neck and shoulders, focusing on the upper neck and cranium. Neck muscles run all the way up the back of your head, and those are often the most tense after a long, stressful week. Knead those muscles gently at first, increasing in pressure as you begin to feel the muscles relax. Make straight lines up the sides of the neck, up to the head, always away from the heart. Squeeze the shoulder muscles to begin to loosen those muscles. Continue kneading and paying special attention to areas where knots are felt. Knots will feel like little, round balls stuck inside the muscles. When you hit a knot, the person you are massaging will often cringe, but use your thumbs to push the knot down and knead it out of the muscle.

After you have spent significant time on the shoulders and neck, move to the arms, squeeze and knead all the way down the arms to the fingertips. Start at the top of the arm and work your way down to the fingertips several times.

Next move to the great expanse of the back. Start along the backbone, kneading gently with one hand on each side. Look for knots or tight spots that you can work through. When massaging the back, it feels best when your hands make symmetrical motions on either side. It increases relaxation and enhances feeling. After you have worked your way up and down the backbone several times, start making butterflies with your hands using the backbone as the body. Make circles and begin to cover the rest of the back muscles, focusing on tight spots. A lot of tension usually resides in the lower back and upper buttocks so focus on that area the most. You will begin to feel the entire back start to relax completely. When this happens move down to the legs.

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