Ball Screw Repair Is Needed

Ball screw repair specializes in minor reload services that will reduce a customer’s machine downtime to an absolute minimum. We have the largest selection of sizes of ball bearings of any ball screw company in the world, with .0001 inch increments for nearly all standard sizes of metric and English ball bearings superior ball screw repair.

This ball screw repair the possibility of a reload or minor repair for any manufacturer’s ball screw received. We also have on hand a large supply of original salvaged, usable parts from major U.S. and foreign ball screw manufacturers. These parts are available for emergency repairs only and are never used in our full ball screw reconditioning process. We have the machining facilities to expedite the re-manufacture of any original ball screw components that may have been damaged beyond use. Qualified, experienced engineers and technicians provide the know how to round out the team required to give the fastest expedited ball screw service in the industry, including overnight and same-day turnaround in many instances.

In certain cases ball screw repair can do minor wear condition can be corrected properly by reloading the nut and screw with over-sized balls. This reloading procedure is carried out only if the following conditions are met.

•The ball screw and nut thread raceways are in good condition
•The ball screw and nut raceway radii and root diameters are in tolerance for the ball that is to be used in reloading. This ensures that the ball conformity and contact angle are correct.
•The ball screw thread root diameter must be straight or require minimal lapping.
•The ball screw thread lead must be within machine tool tolerance. Customer approval is required if lead is out of tolerance.
If these four critical conditions are met, the ball screw can be reloaded and given up to a 6-month warranty.