3 Things To Consider About A New Print Shop

Print on collins. Here’s 3 good things to consider when selecting your next print vendor:

1. Do they offer any marketing services to help grow your business in addition to offset printing?

Quick Printing began back in the ’60’s and you could get anything you wanted as long as it was offset printing. No copiers, no computer aided graphic design, limited bindery options, and that was about it. In the following 25 years copiers, fax machines, computers were added. The last 15 years has seen a very wide range of online and offline marketing services added to the mix.

This last wave of evolution has served as a catalyst for consolidation between the older QP shop mentality and the younger generation of computer-savvy print shop operators. Some older shops have adopted the new marketing services mentality and prospered; some have not.

Make sure your next print shop partner can offer you the full range of products and services that your business deserves. If you don’t, you’ll be dealing with a “vendor” and not with someone who really wants to take a “partnership” approach to helping you grow your business. Your new partner will offer a “one-stop shopping” experience towards marketing your small business where the older worldview of printing will not.

2. Do they have staff that understands those services?

Sometimes the marketing department gets excited, running ahead of human resources and training! While it’s hard to fault them for enthusiasm no one likes to experience service personnel that have no idea what the marketing department has offered the public.

Here’s a few simple questions to ask:

– Do you have an account rep that will be assigned to my account? Someone I can call, the same person, to help me when I need it?

– Do you have in-house customer service reps? How long have they been with you?

– What kind of training is provided to them? How often? Subject matter?

If you don’t get answers that make you feel warm and fuzzy, you’re heading for trouble.

3. Are these marketing services offered in a consulting mode or will you implement?

Do they walk the walk or just talk a lot? Are they just an offset printer that likes to talk about marketing services? Maybe they can help you devise a plan and wish you luck in finding someone to do it for you as they hand you an invoice for consultation?

What you need to look for is a printer that offers marketing services, one that can help you develop a complete marketing plan, design campaigns for you, or both, and implement it all.

Finding the right marketing services/printing partner is not difficult, you may just have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (or princess as you prefer). Going into the search armed with the right questions will greatly reduce your long-term risk, as well as the short-term pain in finding that new partner to help grow your business.