The last attempt biathlete Zvařičové after the accident: I want to win with Gabriela

He does not want to give up one more try! Biathlete Veronika Zvařičová still wants to return to the beloved world from which her three and a half years ago mercilessly ripped a fatal collision with a car. If it does not work out this season, biathlon gives about vale. He tries not to have. Now toils alone, looking for a finance, considered the Slovak representation, but still dream about the Czech. “I want to win Gabriela relay at the Olympics,” he says firmly.

Soon it will be exactly three and a half years, when it was in training in Jablonec Břízkách hit by a car, Veronika Zvařičová accident and almost died brutally Tala her promising career. Indeed, according to many, he took away more than talent Gabriela Koukalová.On the performance level before the fatal billiard are not yet received. And this year he has set before himself last attempt to return to the elite.

“I’m not twenty years, so either it works or not. I do not want to end up with the fact that I have not tried it, it would be awful to each other Nasr…. Even my friends hold me and tell me whether it still half of the season I’ll try and see if you can. If not, nothing happens, and if so, just as well, “says twenty-seven native of Krnov, which in the summer and thought the Slovak national team.But eventually the idea associated with the change of citizenship agreement with the national team head coach Andrew fisherman rejected.

And she advises her great friend Gabriela Koukalová? “That tells me that this is a big step and I really admire that go into it, and they do not want to give up. He supports me, “says Zvařičová that await in December IBU Cup races. Big test that tells what to do.

In my head already, while lined up that if it does not work, try the business (what will not disclose, because it does not want to jinx it), but I still eat mostly the happy ending.This is a return to representation and participation in the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang County. “I want to win at the Olympics Gabriela baton ‘wishes.

But it’s really far. Yet she toils and primary objective is that in December in the IBU Cup went to the twentieth place. Everything up to the podium would be a bonus.

“But it ahead of myself. Really I do not know how I will. Maybe I finish tenth and I surprised myself how easy it is. However, it is also possible to end up to fifty, and I’ll know it’s not. Although I will regret it, but I’ll go away knowing that I did everything to return. A girls Holt Olympics end to another.That, however, I’m kidding, “laughs Veronika Zvařičová.

Laughing not spared, he likes joking. However, paradoxically, the more time has passed since the disaster, the more crying. That’s when he heard it known: What would be if…Yes, if not fatal conflict.

“Before, I did not have this at all, but now came the stage when a person says, which could be . Physically, it’s been all good, but mentally not much, it’s like on a swing, “he says candidly. Maybe now he could see again footage from the period after the accident in which the wheelchair, it did not last. “I burst into tears, which now is nothing special, I’m very sensitive.Perhaps it bothers me how it is with me now turn out, “says Zvařičová.

Onen record again saw when producing movies for a project supporting Czech athletes and amateurs on their way to their dreams named Sport Starter with which would like to financially secure this season. “As they are not in the representation, it is quite difficult with money,” he says. In the coming months will decide whether he can return.