Žilina Trainer: We managed to distract and angry the Basque levy

BRATISLAVA. He was well tuned, smiled, joking. However, the evaluation kept traditional professionalism and diplomacy.

MŠK Žilina coach Adrián Guľa brought the team to one of the biggest victories. “It’s all the stronger and more emotional that we’ve got it in front of our own fans,” he says.

“It’s a fantastic experience. We had an excellent match. We played active and emphatically. We got our opponents under some pressure. By practicing from the first shot at the gate, he has a bit of a rhythm. In that part of the duel he was a better team and managed to go into the two-goal lead. In the second half, however, the boys showed mentality, coherence, teaminess and gameplay. And they turned the game in an incredible way.They did a great job, and the nearly sold stadium appreciated her – and that is a reward for them. I believe that everything is possible now. “

” Amazing emotion was also in Poltava. It is difficult to compare. The victory over Bilbao is all the more powerful that we have achieved it from home fans and family members. It’s also a reward for the players, because they are drunk from morning till night and many people have questioned it. But they did not stop it and showed that the work was meaningful. That’s more rare. “

” This is not about me but about boys. They did it, they work, they work. I do not see it that way. I’m on my way. But I’m enjoying the support of people. But this success belongs to the team.Enjoy it because it did a great job. “

” I am grateful for the mentality of the team. This can not be bought. It can only be trained – that the boys will believe in the last second that they can strike. Now they know that they are able to score a goal in any second. At first they did it for training, then they moved it to a preparatory match, later to a league and eventually to Europe. “

” I was not afraid for a second. I believe this team, this player and this way of play that we try to teach them. I believe in the last second. I think we have experienced even worse situations. Against Bilbao it was a great motivation to wake boys and motivate them to the second part of the game.But we’re in the process of trusting them at all times. ”

“I can think of it quietly because players are forbidden to read diaries (laughs). But now seriously – the team was a bit calmed down. The opponent was in a stronger phase, getting into the two-goal lead. He was strong in the press, holding the ball. We had to eliminate it. And an important goal was to try to score a contact goal. We rejoiced that if we manage to score, the fans will bring us to a level. “

” We could see what a fight for a place looks like. And so it should be – so the alternating player helped the team. Sometimes it’s not important what kind of assembly starts. Bilbau was the key to the match.However, each player is important for us. “#UEL FT: Athletic Bilbao suffered 3-2 loss to Slovakia’s Zilina days after routing Barcelona 5-1 in Spanish Super Cup pic.twitter.com/SwXRQEEEJz – FOX SPORTS News (@FOXSportsNews) August 20, 2015

“Maybe I’m going to study Vallecano (laughs) But if such a quality coach compares us to a Spanish team, it’s a huge compliment.” The Spanish league is the best competitor for me. Players and me. “

” We know it will be difficult, but the first game was not easy, and the boys showed – and not only in the second half – that with great effort and deployment, For the time being, they showed it at home.In front of us there is another huge challenge and another incredible match on a great stadium with a fantastic opponent. We will still dream our dream. And we’ll do everything we can to get a result that will move us a lot. The boy managed to distract and angry the Basque levy. Now is a difficult second half for us. But we want heavy obstacles. “